‘Espruino’ What Could This Possibly Be?

While checking download stats on my software application, I had a random thought to try something different for a change. I hadn’t done anything in hardware for quite a long time. A fleeting memory of projects I had done years ago. In pause of wonderment. So I started a search for PIC microcontrollers as I always remember a book I saw at B&N years ago, that I could kill myself for not purchasing as it is now out of print.

Searching copious responses from endless Google searches for IoT (Internet Of Things) turned up the WiFi ESP8266 module. Read many articles that kept me busy for several days.

That was New Years eve 2016.

Wondering if there were kits to support this module, brought back memories of a time I found an Arduino developer board in one of the last local Radio Shack stores. It was a bit high priced for a whim looksie, so I reluctantly place in back on the hook I had gotten it from. Always curious as to whether that moment in time would have changed my life. That was five years ago. (circa 2012)

Five years have elapsed since I stepped out of that store.

On Tuesday, January 3rd, a Google search for more content on the ESP8266 brought back a curious result that was the third item in the response list. ‘Espruino‘ stuck out like a sore thumb. Now curiosity had really gotten a hold of me. What could that mean or was it a typo from what I knew of ‘Arduino’. Never heard of Espruino. Must take another look.

I wondered. Another quick search for “the meaning of Espruino” brought back this forum post: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/259417/

Gordon – “It’s just a mix of Espresso – because of the whole Java/JavaScript coffee connection and it being smaller, and a little bit of Arduino – because it’s a microcontroller board, and to a lot of people just starting out, ‘Microcontroller’ and ‘Arduino’ mean exactly the same thing.”

Now I’m hooked. A quick read and I learn that Espruino is an interpreter. A Javascript interpreter! An instant epiphany! I could see that having an onboard language interpreter meant skipping of the trial by rote compiling step necessary for the ‘C’ compiling required for other microcontroller boards. Skipping a step meant faster development. Eureka!

Funny how some thoughts stick.

The rest is history as they say. Like someone turning on a light after passing through a dimly lit doorway, it all seems so obvious. I finally had found a ‘gem’ that I believe is about to shine. That thought would also be recognized by others reading a forum post of mine.


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