Open Source – What’s that?

Getting started with Espruino is quite easy once the hardware is acquired using Open-Source resources. It helps to have a bit of background writing Software using Javascript. The transition to microcontrollers running Javascript then is seemless. Download of the fully integrated development environment the WebIDE also is open-source, meaning it comes with no additional cost once an authentic Espruino board is acquired. Once the WebIDE is launched, the easiest hardware device, the Espruino Pico just plugs into an available USB port on computers running both Windows and Mac.

Get WebIDE: WebIDE

Following the quick start instructions will have one up and running in as little as five minutes. Imagine being able to flash an L.E.D. located on the Espruino board right from your computer using a single instruction and a few other Javascript lines of code.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? There are many resources available, also open-source. Start with one of the tutorial examples, there are currently over seventy five and the list is growing.


There is also a strong community of developers willing to give a lending hand. That’s how I got started. Just post a question to the forums and someone will extend a helping hand. The forum posting system is extremely easy to use. Just supply your return email address and enter your question in the web form. Responses can be quite quick when posted during Greenwich Mean time zone day hours.


Here’s an example exchange of ideas around getting the Espruino Puck running in under a minute.

So, there you have it. Simple to use, simple to get started. Pick up an authentic Espruino device, plug it in and be part of the exploding IoT Internet Of Things connected world.



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