Espruino Javascript interpreter is fully Open Source (software, hardware, documentation and tools) comes pre-installed and is available in four formats; Espruino Original, Pico, WiFi and Puck.

This means there are no additional costs to access the online resources to support your project development. The resources that may be needed are built into the hardware purchase price.

We make use of the presence of the Amazon delivery system to bring to you, also without additional cost. Two day shipping is available along with no additional fees compared with purchasing outside North America. This means no shipping or handling fees, no 3% International Transaction Fee, no VAT, Value Added Tax and no GBP to USD monetary conversion fee. All costs are wrapped into one generous offering available at a well known reputable online retailer.

One price, no surprises!

As an added benefit, each KitsBitsnBytes authentic Espruino microcontroller is packed with a I/O sampler kit of basic parts that may immediately be put to use to extend your start-up project. Flash external LEDs, monitor switch presses. Currently, as of July 2017 no other supplier offers this bonus value pack. Accept it with our compliments.


Details:        Free Shipping using Amazon in North America!

Espruino Original     Amazon Original

Espruino Pico    Amazon Pico     Amazon Pico Unpinned

Espruino WiFi    Amazon WiFi

Espruino Puck    Amazon Puck


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More info on available Kits